We are adventurers of taste & culture!

Stefania Pellegrino
Stefania PellegrinoCo-Founder
I spot the food trends, develop the recipes, speak to the locals and meet the customers. I will make the world a less boring place one bite at a time.
Mark O'Sullivan
Mark O'SullivanCo-Founder
I love food, I live in restaurants and I have traveled the world buying fresh produce for the last 7 years.
I can’t wait for you to see what products we have waiting to be launched!
Janna Kuhl
Janna KuhlThe organised one
I make sure the orders get where they need to and keep things running smoothly from production to the shelf. I also love adventure and climb mountains in my spare time!

Joe Trodden
Joe TroddenThe strategy guy
I keep the business focused and delivering massive impact!
After working with over 300 startups I can say this business excites me.