Drink Rum and Save Turtles this World Sea Turtle Day

Calling all rum lovers! Actually, calling all people who love good drinks and good vibes. That’s what we’re all about at Hawksbill Rum


When creating our Caribbean Spiced Rum, we brought together the best tasting rums from Guyana and Trinidad and combined those flavours with sweet and spicy ingredients such as vanilla, raisin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and sea salt. Talk about waves of flavour! 

It isn’t just about the (amazing) taste though. We’re also a rum with a cause, and whilst celebrating the best of Caribbean, our spiced rum has a positive impact on the lives of the incredible but critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtles. We’ve partnered with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project who are a conservation project based in the Caribbean and work hard to protect our sea turtle populations. In fact, 10% of our profits go directly to these guys to help fund their work which includes things like giving Hawksbill turtles a helping hand that have got stuck or hurt and patrolling beaches overnight during nesting season to protect the hatchlings. So, we say drink rum and save turtles


We’re focused on doing our bit to protect the turtles too by reducing our plastic consumption and being committed to sustainability from using glass bottles and cardboard boxes to corks made from waste materials and sugarcane fibre labels and plant-based inks. 

The best way to enjoy Hawksbill Rum? Well, it tastes great with a simple cola and lime or ginger ale but for World Sea Turtle Day this day, we suggest going a step further and giving one of our cocktails a try. In fact, no matter the occasion we suggest enjoying one of these and dreaming of the Caribbean. 

Hurricane - Shake up a storm with our variation of one of the best-loved rum cocktails. The vibrant passion fruit flavour gives it a fun and fruity party-vibe. Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in a hurricane or tiki glass with an orange slice and cherry to garnish.

  • 50ml Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum  
  • 25ml Lime juice 
  • 25ml Passion fruit syrup 
  • 25ml Orange juice 
  • 10ml Grenadine

    Frozen Rum Punch – To reduce your carbon footprint, shop locally and then freeze your fruit when you get home to keep it nice and fresh! Rum punch is perfect for BBQ season so add all your ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth. Want a thicker consistency? Just add in a bit more ice. 

    • 50ml Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum
    • 50ml Orange juice
    • 50ml Pineapple juice
    • 25ml lime juice
    • Handful of strawberries

      Mai Tai - Named from the Tahitian word for ‘excellence’, the Mai Tai is supplemented here with Rhubarb Gin (we recommend Slingsby Gin!) and a splash of Pineapple juice for that Tiki vibe. Shake all ingredients wet then dry and then double strain into a rocks glass – tiki style!

      • 35ml Hawksbill Caribbean Spiced Rum 
      • 25ml Rhubarb Gin 
      • 10ml Triple sec 
      • 10ml Lime juice 
      • 15ml Grapefruit juice 
      • 10ml Orgeat syrup 
      • 50ml Pineapple juice