The Perfect Snack Combo!

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Fruity Cider and Nice & Spicy Plantain Chips – the perfect combination

What’s better than enjoying a nice, refreshing cider? Enjoying a nice, refreshing cider with a great-tasting snack, of course!

This is why Purely have partnered with the brilliant British brand, Bensons the Juicers, to offer you the chance to win this perfectly coupled cider and snack combo – Bensons’ deliciously refreshing and fruity Raspberry & Lime flavoured Eccentric English Cider and Purely’s flavour-packed Nice & Spicy Plantain Chips.

Great-tasting, locally produced, British apple cider

Bensons the Juicers make their cider using apples grown within just 50 miles of their apple press and blended with whole pressed British fruit juice.

Bensons’ cider supports British farmers with fully traceable ingredients, making them a wonderful company to work with as, much like us, you know their ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Their ciders are also suitable for Vegans with no added sugar, colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

Socially responsible Ecuadorian chips

Our plantain chips are sourced from sustainable farms in Ecuador with our production plant based nearby to ensure that our products support the local communities from which our plantains come from.

We believe strongly in social responsibility and have a strong commitment to providing employment opportunities, boosting the local economy, and supporting the local Ecuadorian people. 

The perfect cider and snack pairing

When you enjoy a Bensons cider with some Purely plantain chips you get the benefit of knowing that you’re enjoying a pairing that supports both British farming and Ecuadorian communities.

Not only that but you get a delicious and complementary flavour palette too! The natural spices within our Nice & Spicy Plantain Chips are perfectly balanced by the lime in the Bensons Cider and the raspberry fruitiness helps to add a further dimension to the spicy plantain flavour.

Enter below for your chance to win this incredible combination

Simply enter your details below to be in with the chance to win a case of 6 Bensons Eccentric English Raspberry and Lime Cider and a box of Purely Nice & Spicy Plantain Chips Sharing Bags.

Wait! There’s more!

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